Hello, my name is John Page.

I'm the founder of the LGL Sunrooms company.

LGL Sunrooms was founded in the year 2015 in the U.S. LGL Sunrooms is a manufacturing firm that offers conservatories, solariums, deck enclosures, sunrooms, patio covers, and screen rooms to customers.

Our company has been on the market for many years and knows exactly what its customers need to renovate their home and bring more coziness and space.

LGL Sunrooms is a recognized, well-known dealer with a strong international reputation and a leading position in the entire market for the installation and maintenance of sunbeds in your home. Professionals across the country have chosen LGL Sunrooms as a benchmark for high-quality products in the market.

LGL Sunrooms is an expert company that has risen above competitors in the market by providing quality customer service. LGL is a corporation that is a growth oriented by continuously conducting market research to identify current market trends/consumer preferences.

LGL Sunrooms produces a unique and unmatched service that has made us a favorite corporation in North America. LGL Sunrooms has a wide circulation network that spans into Canada and the U.S.

Through consistent innovation, our company has grown to provide a wide assortment of services. LGL Sunrooms offers home improvement solutions and designs for home backyards and patios. We provide top quality service to all our customers.

Our Team

Virginia J. Pinnix

Sales Manager


John Rowley



Robert Michels



Margaret Forshee

PR Manager


Our team is our special pride. The whole team is a single organism, a family of professionals, people who are ready to devote themselves to their work completely and without leaving a trace. That is why we have achieved such high results. You can find all information about our services and upcoming events on the pages of our website. If you have any questions about our work or you want to make an order, please contact us directly via our main mail sales@lookingglassluxe.com.


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